Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mabel at 8 months

She still has the infectious grin that makes the whole world happy. And now, of course, the laugh too. But now she's 8 months old and has new skills she's quite pleased with. For example, this is her new favorite way to see the world-- on two feet. She thinks she can also take steps, but her wobbly knees kind of disagree.
She's also working on an army-type crawl, which she most recently used to drag herself across the room to her sister's peanut-butter sandwich. I found her clutching it in her hand with her face covered in peanut butter. Mark one more allergen off the list. She is also convinced she can eat whole apples, whole peaches, frosted mini-wheats, goldfish crackers, and sand. She is most enamored with animal crackers, though.

She also has begun to babble and shows no signs of stopping. Hold on world, here comes Mabel.

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