Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Trip to Maine

We got to tag along with Brent on a work trip and see the beautiful state of Maine. Some friends of ours happened to live in the same town as the conference so we got to visit them and they let us swim in their pool for the day. Thanks Marc and Emily!

We also managed to see three lighthouses while we were there. The one above is called the Bug Lighthouse because it's so tiny.
On the recommendation of our friend Luke, we also picked up Italian sandwiches and had a picnic at the Portland Head Light. 
We also learned this important lesson about vacation: it's important to keep your kids' expectations low for vacation. If you take them to Disney when they're young ,they're always going to expect that. Our kids were absolutely thrilled to swim in the indoor pool at the hotel and to watch cable and eat vacation cereal i.e. Cap'n Crunch (newly dubbed "breakfast candy" by Mabel). (Okay, truth be told, we really have no desire to go to Disney.)

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Danny said...

Whenever elementary school kids younger than 10 write about a recent trip to Disney, they always seem most excited about the hotel pool and the buffet. As far as I can tell the local Holiday Inn would have been as good; in your case a trip to the ocean is just an added bonus!